Integrated School House

We Provide the Help You Need to Easily Integrate Technology into Your Classrooms

IT Management, Network Administration, and Training

We don’t just work with educators like you – we are educators ourselves with specialized technology expertise. We understand how to manage technology in the educational setting to best serve the unique challenges classrooms and districts continually face.

Instead of creating new burdens and time-challenging issues, our expertise ensures that technology integration is purposeful and beneficial to your teaching, your students’ learning, and your district’s budget to guarantee utilization within your organization.

We provide:

  1. IT Management
  2. Network Administration
  3. IT Training, and much more

Integrated Schoolhouse was the vision of a highly experienced and technology-savvy group of educators who believe technology should be a positive, non-threatening experience that fits the needs of students and teachers alike. Technology should be an accessible tool, not a costly, cumbersome nightmare that works only periodically. Stable, functioning networks, well managed IT solutions, and effective training of personnel for consistent system performance are the reasons Integrated Schoolhouse exists.

While we specialize in small or medium learning institutions, we also support police, fire, recreation, and city entities, daycares, not-for-profit foundations, small businesses, libraries, auction houses, and more.

Curriculum Development Consultative Services

We bring a wealth of educational knowledge and experience to technology implementation, management, and engagement. We understand process flow, system design and development, and the technology to support it. We bring affordable options and reduce existing system costs through the level of expertise of our staff. And, we understand the financial limitations you are currently facing.

There is another aspect of our services, however. Integrated Schoolhouse provides curriculum development consultative services to help establish a solid technology-driven plan for effective student learning experiences.

Schools and school districts partner with Integrated Schoolhouse to bring the learning experience alive for students and properly prepare them for the technology-based world in which we live. We help you create windows to discovery through a curriculum inclusive of integrated technology solutions designed by educators, for educators, bridging the gap between technology and education. Knowledgeable and experienced, we are here to support your endeavors.

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